About Our Team

We pride ourselves on employing some of the most highly professional traditional Chinese medical practitioners, who, assisted by trained massage & beauty therapists, are able to give individually tailored advice on any of our courses of treatment.

Our unique treatments range from natural, drug-free traditional treatments to pioneering use of traditional Chinese medicine in conjunction with conventional Western medical treatment. We create treatment plans to suit your body, drawing on our range of natural therapies. Our clinicians will help you discover how acupuncture, Chinese massage and traditional herbal medicine can transform your life.

Dr Jie Shen

Dr Jie Shen (BSc, Msc, PhD/MD) has acquired over 40 years of exceptional medical experience, in both Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Dr Shen obtained his medical degrees and training at China’s leading universities; Doctor's degree in medicine (PhD/MD) from Beijing Medical University and postdoctoral training at Peking University. Dr Shen has won several national awards in medicine in China (1991 - National Science Foundation, 1989 - Zhang Xu Jun Foundation). He is a Full Member of the UK Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 1991, Dr Shen received a fellowship from the UK’s Welcome Trust to work as a Clinical Post-Doctorate Research Fellow (hepatology) at King’s College Hospital London. He later worked in the Wellcome Research Laboratory - one of the laboratories which formed pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.


Dr Corinne Zhang

Dr Zhang specialises in pain relief from muscular-skeletal issues and conditions such as migraine, arthritis and fibromyalgia. She also treats other ailments including stroke, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fatigue, IBS, infertility and gynaecological disorders. Her goal is to improve life quality of her patients as she sees the often rapid turnaround of symptoms they experience even after just one or two sessions.

She encompasses both the long heritage of traditional Chinese medicine with an awareness of recent, sometimes ground-breaking medical practices. She has the qualification of Bachelor of Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and Master of Chinese Herbal Medicine obtained from University of Westminster.

Her experience is wide and varied and includes work in both private and public sectors. She has worked in a number of TCM's across London and also spent two years as an NHS acupuncturist at Stanmore hospital.

Free Consultations

We are currently offering a free consultation in order to advise on which treatments are best suited to an individual's condition.

A full list of conditions successfully treated can be seen here.

To book your consultation just call 020 8944 0332


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What Clients Say

"Might only be me, but I really struggle to find good places.. but Artemis has changed that,  good service and great wax! Have booked for next time, thank you for making my brows look great again Jenny!" - Yasmin

"I have been visiting Dr Shen at Artemis Health & Beauty recently and have been impressed by the professionalism, kindness and care that I have received. I found acupuncture very relaxing and helpful for my condition. I thoroughly recommend Artemis and in particular Dr Shen for anybody who thinks Traditional Chinese medicine might help them." - Al

"I'm so glad I found the place. It's so close to home and will definitely book again. Very clean, friendly and professional. The massage was firmer than expected. But I realised that was actually exactly what I needed so didn’t ask for less pressure. I feel so unknotted and light. Thanks guys."  - Peggy Shimmin

"Went to Artemis with sciatic pain and a pinching nerve in the neck/shoulder. Had acupuncture after a Chinese massage and two days later the pain was vastly relieved. Been back since and Jackie gave an outstanding massage - firm and definitely made a difference! Would highly recommend." - Michael Mann

"I’ve been going to Artemis for a little over 6 months and wouldn’t go anywhere else now. The pricing is fair & the service impeccable. Jenny is brilliant, great customer service & her waxing is 10/10. Would recommend to anyone :)" - Charlotte

"Foot massage, so lovely - they went above and beyond with the services. Great customer service too, 5 star for sure !"  - Anna

"My first experience of Hollywood Waxing. She was very polite took her time with me and also offered me water to calm my nerves. Was extremely friendly, and it was much better than I thought it would be!"  - Kiyanna

"I got a last minute appointment at Artemis. Appointment and payment made online with no issues. Upon arrival, I couldn’t help but notice how exceptionally clean the salon was - clear and uncluttered. I was taken downstairs to one of the treatment rooms and introduced to Jing. She was firm but not painful and I felt a little sore later that evening but by the following day all aches and pains had disappeared. I’m going to make this my regular salon. Highly recommended."  - Sharon